native speakers

Language in Motion works with native-speakers to foster cultural exchanges between tutors and learners. Learning with native-speakers also guarantees the highest quality of instruction because it excludes the possibility of picking up improper pronunciation or word use. Language in Motion tutors are trained to be good, clear-voiced communicators.


Language in Motion matches learners and tutors based on their shared interests and preferences for lesson times, location and frequency. Private lessons allow learners to progress at a pace that works for them, not one dictated by someone else’s syllabus or schedule. Lessons structured around individual weak points and goals foster quickly perceived improvements, boosting motivation and dedication.

What our tutors say

  • foto4 Kyle Florence - Canada

    "I have taught English to students of all levels, always with the goal that they feel comfortable with the language. Language in Motion provides this with their highly personalized and targeted material and methodology."

  • images/julia.jpg Seanin Hoy - Ireland

    "What differentiates Language in Motion is the desire and ability to give students what they really want. This language course meets the individual needs of each student, making language learning fun and inspiring"