"I have been taking lessons with Language in Motion for three months and the rapid evolution of my English has been a pleasant surprise. The lessons focus on conversation, with immediate correction of pronunciation and word use, including grammatical assistance and writing practice. There is also the great advantage of having a native speaker tutor."

Antonio Sergio M. de Sá / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"The results have been terrific. Spectacular test results. The lessons are taught in a fun and dynamic way for kids. We are very happy and grateful."

Carmen / Madrid, Spain

"The lessons are tailored to my needs and this is the great distinguishing characteristic of Language in Motion. It is great to learn English with tutors who focus on my development with an easy, but very effective, methodology. Thanks for everything!"

Marcos Aurélio Moura / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"I am very satisfied with my lessons and the methodology that we are following. I feel that since we started just six months ago, my fluency and my command of the language has increased considerably. I already feel confident conversing in English whenever I need to, especially at work, which was the reason why I started lessons with Language in Motion!"

Demilson Storniolo / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil