As part of the Language in Motion team, you will gain first-hand experience in an international educational startup.
We develop personalized work plans for each individual that fulfills the needs of Language in Motion while also meeting personal and professional growth goals.
Additionally, you will have the opportunity to tap into Language in Motion's global network.


When you teach with Language in Motion you gain access to the world. It's not just a job. It's about changing lives, including your own.
Whether you plan to pursue a career in education or have a passion for helping others, teaching your native language with Language in Motion is an excellent way to grow professionally and personally, and to earn extra money for your next adventure.
Currently hiring: Native speakers of all languages for in-person classes in Brazil, Chile, Spain and the USA and for online classes all over the world
Time Commitment: flexible but commitment of at least 1 month required to start working with a language learner


Want to contribute your language skills but can't teach?
As a translator with Language in Motion, you will assist the Language in Motion team to efficiently communicate with language learners and tutors around the globe, it's also a good opportunity to practice your foreign language skills.
Currently Hiring: Translators for Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Korean, Chinese, Turkish, Russian, Arabic and Hindi
Time Commitment: 3-15 hours per week


Are you passionate about language learning, cultural understanding, social mobility and travel? Would you like to practice your writing, learn about promoting content on social media and publish your work online? As part of the Outreach team, you will work on developing and enhancing methods for engaging the world with Language in Motion's mission.
Currently hiring: Outreach Interns in New York City, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Santiago and Madrid
Time Commitment: 5-15 hours per week


As part of the multimedia team, you will tell Language in Motion's story across a variety of media platforms and keep Language in Motion's digital content ahead of the curve. Activities will include brainstorming and the start-to-finish production of multimedia material.
Currently hiring: Multimedia Interns in New York City, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo
Time Commitment: 5-15 hours per week


As part of the development team, you will help Language in Motion efficiently reach language learners and tutors all over the world. Ideal candidates will have experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PostgreSQL, PHP, Ruby on Rails, experience building web applications with a database back-end, and experience with UI/UX.
Currently hiring: Technology Interns in New York City
Time Commitment: 5-15 hours per week


As part of the operations team, your activities will include implementing and improving systems related to the Finance, Admin, and HR departments. You will receive a behind the scenes look at running a startup. Your responsibilites will include creatively representing workflows, creating operations handbooks, and brainstorming new systems to improve the language learner and tutor experience with Language in Motion.
Currently hiring: Operations Interns in New York City, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Santiago and Madrid
Time Commitment: 5-15 hours per week