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We connect language learners and tutors around the world for private, personalized language lessons.


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Flexibility and Personalization

Language in Motion lessons are private, personalized and flexible. Our language learners choose their lesson time, location and frequency, which allows them to fit their studies into any schedule and budget. Language in Motion offers in-person and online lessons, using technology to reduce geographical barriers for our tutors and learners.


Language in Motion's mission is to establish meaningful global connections to increase cultural understanding and social mobility through language education. Our language lessons bring individuals from different countries and cultures together for a mutually beneficial and valued educational experience.

Success Guaranteed

Feedback indicates that Language in Motion effectively addresses common problems for both language tutors and learners. The fact that word of mouth is the number one driving force behind growth proves the quality and value of our lessons.


"The rapid evolution of my English with Language in Motion has been a pleasant surprise. The lessons focus on conversation, with correction of pronunciation and word use ..."

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